Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Harvest

Never thought I would get so excited about decorating my house for different holidays and season, but I.LOVE.IT!!! I love coming home to my Scentsy's scent perfuming my house with "Auburn Sunset" or "Baked Apple Pie". I am such a bargain shopper too and found a lot of my new decorations on sale from places like Khols, Michaels, and a new favorite store, Grapels. Grapels is a home decor outlet store only open on Thursdays. I have dressed up my house with a lot of their rod iron mirrors, candles, and a curly cue dress model, named "Qincey".

One thing I LOVE about Idaho is that we have 4 seasons. Although I love my hot and sunny summers here, the cooler temperatures and change of colors on the tree branches are beautiful. Ellie helped me pick the last few veggies from my garden. I guess I am Suzy Homemaker as I adore going outside with my basket and garden sheers to pick and prune!

Happy Fall :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Not too many people follow my blog or care to read what I have to say, but a few do and a few might even miss me. I check my sister's blog almost daily and constantly change my school background with new photo's of her kiddos. However, the last ten months have been busy and hectic and with so many new happenings with me, and a lack of internet, I decided to get back into the game. Here are a few of the head lights since my last post:

1. I bought a house! I am a homeowner to a cute little three bedroom, two bath house in Nampa, Idaho and I am absolutely hands down in love with it! Currently I am decorating for fall and sadly and reluctantly watching my flowers and bountiful vegetable garden in the back yard die.

2. With the house, I found that I am an avid green thumb! I tried many different flowers and veggies this summer that did amazing! I have canned over 30 cans of salsa, ingredients from my garden. There is something so satisfying in making dinner and walking outside and picking a plump ripe tomato to add to the salad, or zucchini (which took over my whole garden) for zucchini bread and recipes.

3. I took a five day survival trip, cough cough, back-packing trip with my dad this summer to Jordan Lake. Just close your eyes a minute, are they closed? And picture this....blocked roads resulting in 5 extra hiking miles, hundreds of fallen trees with NO TRAIL, snow on August 1st, having your first snow camp and yet, you have amazing memories with your favorite fella :)

4. I am currently in my third year teaching at Nampa High School and still loving it. I also just completed my third year as head soccer coach for our girl's soccer program. This was my most successful season. We went into districts placing 6th and took 5th over all. Although it is now over and I have some much needed free time, I find myself with a hole by missing my players and afternoon practices.

Wow, I summed up the last ten months of my life in 4 points? I am bad ass...NOT! Truth is, I suck at blogging but really want to do a better job of keeping it updated so that my precious friends and family, close and far away, can still keep up-to-date with my busy life.  
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Thought of the day 12/6/2010

In a busy time of the year and world, it is so easy for us to get caught up in our own lives and our own "woe is me" mentality. I found myself being guilty of that today on a Monday morning, PMSy, and irritating (one a few) students. After a brief visit with two people today, I have come to the conclusions that:

"God does an amazing job presenting us with situations that really put life and how we should be living it into perspective. I am eternally grateful for the love, family, and friends I have in my life."

I challenge you to take a moment out of your day to thank the Lord for the many gifts and blessings that He has given you. Others have it A LOT worse than we do...


Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Memorable Day

Back in 2006, Tiffany and Kory were visiting me in Idaho and we were out downtown Boise with some friends at a bar called "Humping Hannah's". I told Kory about a tattoo that I had been thinking about that represented our fourth sister Alyssa. Alyssa, although we never met, holds a big spot in my heart as I was born two weeks late on her birthday after her passing. Tiffany, overhearing my idea, expressed her want in the same tattoo. Four years later, after Krista finally became of age, two pregnancies from Tiffany that don't suggest getting tattoos while gestating, and different ideas and body places discussions, Tiffany, Krista, and I ventured down to Action Tattoo in Auburn, Washington during this years Thanksgiving Break and got our tattoos dedicated to our special sister in Heaven, Alyssa Ruth.
There is something about sharing such a sacred and memorable moment with sisters. Cheesy as it may sound, a bond between sisters is unbreakable and powerful. I am so thankful for this experience that I shared with Tiffany and Krista.
We decided on our right wrists for the tattoo. All three are identical. The three of us liked how the wings look at rest and how they are shaped in a heart.

I went first. Krista and I both said the same thing to Eric, the tattoo artist, "Sorry my hands are sweating, I am a little nervous." It didn't hurt too much, just felt like someone running a knife over your skin. Today, the day after, it feels like a burn from a curling iron.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Joys of being a dog owner

Ellie and I are best friends. She goes everywhere with me, follows me everywhere I go, and even cuddles with me in the mornings when I am trying to wake up. She is my companion, buddy and the best investment I could make as a young single woman. One thing I've learned about owning a big dog, is that if you take your dog to a place where there is the smallest inkling that she might get dirty, you'll both be trashed by the time you get into the car. That's fine with me. Having Ellie has given me new places to explore, hike, and well as tonight proved... swim.

I decided to be a good dog owner and taker her to the lake after a selfish Target shopping trip by me (don't worry, Ellie got a new ball). I threw in her "toy" as we know it... a long tennis ball contraption with a rope connected. This is the one thing I have been able to get her to fetch. We walked the lake shore to a suitable spot and I threw in Toy. Ellie did her "high step" action before she jumped in, swam half way to Toy and came back. I tried to coax her with probably ten sticks to go get Toy. As the coaxing continued so did some sniffing in the grass and a bathroom squat, Toy got farther and farther out. She wasn't going to go fetch. Damn. So in I went. I waded in the freezing cold lake thinking she would follow and swim out to her Toy which was probably 20 yards and counting. Nope. Ellie sat on the dock. I proceeded to swim to Toy, turn around like a dog playing fetch in the water, while Ellie THEN decided to come out. She met me half way, and we swam back to the shore. Soaking wet, white soccer shorts (thank God I had a black t-shirt on), I then realized as Ellie was jumping at me that she NOW wanted to play fetch. We went home instead!

This is what Ellie USUALLY does when her Toy is thrown in

Cutest Dog

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Jackson!

One year ago today, I witnessed one of the most amazing things life has to offer... a new baby being brought into this world. After driving all night, I got to the hospital just in time to see Jackson Jonathan Newgard be born. After seeing Jackson and Avery for the first times, I never knew I could love someone so much at first sight, and I am only their aunt =).

Today Jackson is one, and I feel truly blessed to be apart of his life. He stole my heart one year ago today! I love my newphew! Happy Birthday Jackson!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Leave it to Facebook to always keep me updated on people from high school, soccer, college, and now. I hear about engagements, babies, pregnancies, break-ups, hook-ups... it all. Unfortunately, with the happenings in Haiti, I learned today that a girl, Molly Hightower, a graduate two years behind me at Bellarmine Prep, passed away when her building collapsed during the 7.0 earthquake. I can't say that I knew her well, but it still breaks my heart to read her story:

Its at times like these when are world is hit with natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and much more that we ask the question: "Why would God allow this to happen?" I don't question God at all as I believe He knows the bigger picture better than any of us do. Yes, because I am not perfect and a sinner myself, I do wonder why this happens. But when it all comes down to life, we must live our life by faith. Faith in God will always win.

My prayer today "Dear Heavenly Father, my heart goes out to the Hightower family, and all families, friends, and loved ones affected by this earthquake. Please place a healing hand on those injured both physically, emotionally, and mentally. Let us always have faith in you. Amen"